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Jessica Romeo
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I completely know what you mean! I love baking also around this time of year. What I have been trying to do is let Thanksgiving be a “free” day in which I don’t go crazy, but I don’t track what I eat at all. I enjoy my favorites only which is usually anything with sweet potatoes as well as pie! I usually try to start my day with a little exercise so I am able to hold off awhile on the yummy foods. I want you to enjoy the holidays and not feel deprived. However I would stick to just Thanksgiving Day and Christmas and don’t make it into a food event that ends up lasting for days and days.

I don’t consider this cheating, I consider it living. Just get right back to your plan the day after, you should be just fine! Also do try and find alternative ways to make things that you don’t mind eating “healthier.” Indulge in the things that you really look forward to, make sure it is worth it.