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Jessica Romeo
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So in response to your question do I think that drinking this will seriously impact your day? Initially no I am thinking that if this is something you really enjoy having in your day try keeping it in initially and see if you are still seeing progress. If you are not, then I would try to go without it to see what happens. It is not a terrible nutrition breakdown, but I would note that the fat grams equal about 1/2 of a fat serving for the day, so keep that in mind while you track.

The point of Phase 1 is to help rid your body of chemicals and toxins that are found in a lot of the foods in our culture. However I believe that each person is different and for example if this “latte” is something you truly enjoy and keeps you from reaching for much worse foods later in the day, then I would take this over the latter! That said if is not completely Phase 1 compliant especially if it is a dairy product, so if your results slow later on then I would consider pulling it out of your diet until phase 2 at least.

Does this help?

Have a wonderful evening!