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Lynn Fitzgerald
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Hi Laminda!
I too had a major loss this year… lost both my parents this past year. It’s been hard, but my Dad was 100 and my mom 97…so like my dad said, “I can’t live forever”! He had an amazing attitude.
Congratulations on your future graduation and marriage. There is life after divorce!!! Been there, done that.
I’ve been struggling with weight since menopause. I haven’t been able to exercise because I have brutal hip pain for the past 2 years. Still going to doctors to try to find out what is going on with that. I suppose I could exercise my upper body….better get on that!
Don’t worry about re-entering the work force. It’s super scary, but once you get hired, you’ll fall right into the groove. Just be completely honest with potential employers about how you’re feeling. You’ve acquired amazing skills as a stay at home mom, so make sure you bring those to the forefront.
I have hardly cheated at all this week with the holidays, but I’m in a stall with the weight loss. I’ve been following the online free one week menu plan, but there are so many mistakes in it, that I think that may have interfered with my progress. I hope someone revisits it and makes the corrections.
You’re on PS1000, so you’re already on the road to “need a new me”! Keep focused on your goal….baby steps….and one goal at a time. Next goal is to feel fabulous in your wedding dress (my goal too!).
Keep up the great work!