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Paula Gunning
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After this first week of detox fatigue and headache (which is subsiding), I plan to include some exercise as well (I haven’t felt up to doing much this week). I’ve had some issues with the sample Phase 1 menu and am looking forward to creating my own menus from the approved foods. I miss breads and pasta the most. Having an Italian/Sicilian father meant eating pasta and drinking wine regularly; my husband and children also love pasta. My cheat may be a small glass of wine every once and a while. I am also hungry by bedtime. I’ve had to add a light snack in order to sleep. I know this will be less of an issue once I begin exercising more, since extra calories are necessary. Hopefully the activities I have been doing have compensated for the extra snack (I’ve lost weight already). After missing a meal and a snack during an emergency orthodontic visit, I stopped to eat at a bar and grill. The garden salad with grilled chicken and balsamic dressing on the side was just perfect! The salad bar and deli at the grocery store in this larger town also offered good food choices (veggies, hard-boiled eggs, organic turkey breast, hummus). I will keep this in mind next time I am away from home. I too don’t know how to “friend” people, and I don’t use facebook. Our internet access is limited here on the farm, so hearing from others like yourself is appreciated. I may only be able to log on once a week or so.