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Jessica Romeo
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Yes you are correct sleeping is going to help you significantly in your efforts to lose weight. However before resorting to melatonin, I think we could dig a little deeper. First, how is your caffeine intake? Are you sensitive to caffeine? Are you consuming caffeine in the later hours of the day etc. Secondly how long have you been on plan? If you are relatively new to cutting out the sugar, the process of getting everything, cravings included out of your system can make sleep challenging initially. However you will find that as time goes on, the clean eating plan with little sugar will actually make it easier for you to start sleeping more soundly, and getting into the deeper sleep cycles that will help you repair and keep your hormones in balance throughout the day. Last are you exercising? If so how often and what type of exercise? Too little, or too much exercise is sure to also make it difficult to fall asleep. So lets look at those things first and if this isn’t helpful looking into a sleep aid or visiting your Doctor will likely be a good option.

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