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Jessica Romeo
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Yes I know what you mean, protein shakes/smoothies are not the most exciting idea on cold days. You can re-think traditional breakfast ideas, and opt for some leftover meat and add some vegetables and an egg if desired. Often times I will just re-heat leftover steak, chicken etc in a skillet along with some vegetables, coconut oil and scramble it with an egg. You don’t even need to add an egg if you don’t desire. Also consider Greek yogurt as a good option with a little fruit and chopped nuts. However the main thing is that “traditional” breakfasts can be restructured and instead reheat a bowl of soup/chili etc. On a very cold morning this might be just what you actually want anyway! I have also added some vanilla protein powder to a cup of coffee (just whisk very well!), you could even put this in a blender and you have a more tasty cup of coffee.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need additional ideas!

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