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Linda O’Brien
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Hello everyone!
Today is my first day too! I anxiously waited for 9 days for the products to arrive. One of the droppers was broken but I picked up some at the drugstore so no problem there.
About 15 years ago I lost 15 pounds on weight watchers. I am only 5’1″ so that made a huge difference! I loved it when my clothes got loose and I felt so good. I kept that weight off for years because I had changed my eating habits. But then little by little a pound here and a pound there, and my husband always buying junk foods, I gained it back. Then menopause struck and the darn pounds would not come back off! I exercise regularly and walk daily but these ‘senior’ pounds are stubborn as all get out!
My cousin just lost 30 pounds on Slimgenics but that is very expensive. I did not want that! So in researching, I discovered PS1000 and read the incredible reviews and so here I am.
My husband will not be accompanying me on this diet. He needs to lose about 40 pounds and eats junk daily. I suspect he will tire of me eating differently so wish me luck there. I will have to have some tasty suppers and he can add his potatoes or noodles I guess.
Good luck to everyone!

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