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Jessica Romeo
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Ok so having just gone on a cruise, I understand your struggle. Here is what I would do:

Phase 1 up until your cruise, then familiarize yourself with phase 2, (increase your calories a little so you don’t find yourself starving at the buffet line) I would go on a “loose” version of Phase 2 for the cruise itself. Meaning Be more cautious with your breakfast/lunches, but enjoy your dinners. You don’t have to polish off everything, but do go ahead and take bites of things to taste them and enjoy, just don’t go overboard. Enjoy the best foods on the cruise, but in moderation. Alcohol is expensive so that alone should deter you, however you could enjoy a drink here and there. Have fun on active excursions that get you moving and enjoying life, this takes your mind off of always eating.

Go back to Phase 1 when you return until you hit your goal weight.

Hope this helps!