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Paula Gunning
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Wouldn’t this lifestyle change be SOOOOO much easier with the full support of our families?

My two daughters normally eat what I eat during lunch (I homeschool) or make their own. I prepare a diet-appropriate supper for four. Sometimes my family will eat it, sometimes they won’t; my husband avoids most vegetables, and my daughters are picky eaters. I usually offer at least one extra side dish that they can eat, but I can’t. Within an hour of supper, my younger daughter and husband are snacking on something (potato chips, cookies, ice cream), sometimes right in front of me!

My husband brings home sodas, doughnuts, potato chips, etc., and leaves them on the kitchen table and counter-tops. I could strangle him!!! I’m in the process of reorganizing my kitchen (it is currently a mess) to make room in one of the cupboards for his treats (out of sight out of mind?) My older daughter, the one with health issues, is more willing to improve her diet than the younger one. The emotional support and mother-daughter bonding that this fosters is precious to me.