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Sandy A.
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Hi Robyn. Something that comes to mind for me is menopause and/or hormone imbalance. My arch enemy! It maybe yours too? I take the melatonin daily and it helps. I’ve done every thing under the sun to try to help myself with bad sleep patterns, unruly weight gain, no energy, foggy head and the list goes on 🙁 And not a lot has ever worked. They tell my thyroid is fine, which I know it’s not, but they act like thyroid meds are illegal drugs and they don’t want to give them out??! It’s all a bit ridiculous to me but I’ve finally just given up 🙁 I am on the diet but having large amounts of difficulty, imagine that??!! All of that to say, maybe it’s legitimate hormone imbalance of some sort? Or menopause if you are of that age??