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Paula Gunning
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Welcome, Vanessa. Love the cat picture-we’re big cat fans at our house. I’ve notices that I’m a lot moodier just before it’s time to eat again. I had headaches my first few days; they decreased after the first week.
Your cookbooks at home may also contain recipes that use the approved foods or will with only minor substitutions. After a while, the variety will be appreciated. This diet is relatively easy to follow because there are enough food choices to rearrange into menus.
I try to weigh in once each week -my weight goes up and down during the week (even during the day), and that can frustrate me. I do check it if I cheat-just to reinforce how much I set myself back (usually 0.5-1 pound). My scale measures in increments of 0.5 pounds. My teenagers have noticed a difference in my shape already after only 8 pounds (I lose very slowly). The scale number is only part of the improvement package. Yesterday, I wore my jeans for the first time in a year. My weight loss goals are set 10 pounds at a time to help keep me motivated.
Even if the scale doesn’t register big differences, the health improvements will become apparent over time. Your lipid levels and blood pressure will probably improve. Some of the foods eliminated by this diet are also allergens for me. My breathing is better, so I am able to exercise a little more. I also think my borderline blood pressure has lowered, although I lack empirical evidence. Your off to a great start-keep going!