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Vanessa Niemi
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Man Terrie! I feel ya! I have 100 pounds to lose and it seems so daunting. I need to keep reminding myself how long it took to add the weight on. I do have some wonderful friends, among the fur babies, that love me no matter what – without judgment.
My whole family is full of judgments. They all live far away but for some reason my mom loves to talk about people’s weight. I came home in a dress one time and they called it a moo moo.
Anyone’s weight or looks should be the LAST issue we notice or discuss. I guess it is our society.
In this vein – I read that the SI swimsuit edition has several curvy women inside the cover. Baby steps I guess. There are some Lane Bryant ads inside too. I found another article about plus sized models and had to snort when they mentioned a size 10! Uh… that isn’t plus size to me, but what do I know??!!!