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For me it is the flexibility of the diet. I am one of those people that can’t loose any weight. I tried eating the same way [1000 cal / day] as I do now and I didn’t even drop a single ounce. I don’t know what is in those drops, they do work. I tried the HCG diet, I lost weight but it was too much restrictions, you are only allowed 500cal / day and there isn’t much variety in terms of food to choose from. I gained all that weight back slowly. I love this diet because there is so much food you are allowed in phase 1 and if you plan it well, you will not be disappointed. Today marks end of my 4th week and I have lost 10lbs. It doesn’t seem much to some people but to me this is a lot of weight to drop in only 1 month. Also I don’t have much weight to get rid of, I am at 150lb and hoping to loose another 10 in the next month. Hopefully this helps.