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Trina C
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This is amazing and exactly How I feel now. I’m just starting with PS1000 but food also has a grip on my emotional life. I’ve been told by my Biofeedback specialist that I have an unconscious resistance to change. That confused me but after talking about it a little more, I realized that my association with weight loss is tied to the loss of my mother when she was just forty. I am now thirty nine. My mother always struggled with her weight. Always on diets and doing short term bursts of exercise. 4 months before she was diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine cancer she joined Weight Watchers and was doing really well. Weight loss doesn’t much matter when the doctors tell you that you are going to die. Anyway, she passed 1 month after her fortieth birthday. I am much heavier then my mom ever was, and I go through the same weight loss cycle as she did. But now I am worried about other illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. I need to change my life, but mentally I have so many road blocks that I need to break through in order to create change that is lasting. My mom had a genetic disorder called Lynch syndrome. I have been tested and do not have the Lynch gene, but I think in the back of my mind I still connect weight loss with death and cancer. Just fear I guess. I know I need to alter those unconscious thoughts to support weight loss to save me from cancer of other sorts and disease associated with obesity.

Trina C