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Katelyn O
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My name is Katelyn and after ww for months and not losing any weight I figured it was time to kick up the heat. From what everyone is saying this is easy and simple to follow. So I look forward to it. I have a few questions such as what are thoughts on things like ice sparkling water or propel? What is everyone doing for snacks? I am sure the book can direct me with this once I get it. I am currently a 4’7″ and weigh 130 lbs. I am looking to get my body back to the 90 lbs it was before having my now 4 year old. I gained 60 lbs with him and lost my teeth. He had a sever dairy allergy even in utero and took all the calcium from my teeth. So as you can imagine my self esteem has and still is suffering severely. This is my way of getting a little confidence. Good luck to everyone.