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Ellen Rhyner
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Hi, My name is Ellen (Ellie). I have been a member of PS1000 for 1 year and lost 35 pounds on the program. It took about 9 years to lose close to 100 pounds. It seems I would always get to my half way point and have trouble getting to goal and gain weight again. The last few years I learned so much about nutrition and exercise, as well as, how to work with my Thyroid disease. After losing weight with this program I was able to stop taking medicine for High Cholesterol and High Blood pressure. I continue to take medicine for my Thyroid. This year I will have been married 23 years and I am my smallest weight since I was in Grade School. I live in Washington State with my husband Jeff and our dog Sahara. I am working to lose about 5 pound as I feel more comfortable being at least 5 pounds under my goal of 138.