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Phyllis Massey
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Hi Donna!

You can do this! I ate out last night with my husband and lost another 1/2 pound since yesterday. You just have to be careful in selecting your restaurants and in ordering. I had a petite filet, grilled asparagus and subbed riced cauliflower for the garlic mashed potatoes. Also, asked the waiter to put the red wine reduction on the side and then didn’t use any of it when I ate. It was delicious. Most places wil offer a grilled chicken salad that you could eat with olive oil and vinegar.

Most days I am “on plan” but when life happens, I just do the best that I can! I’m at Day 60 and have lost 22 pounds and my BMI is below 24 now (back in the “normal” range. I have had 2 weekend trips during my 60 days when I completely went off plan!

Like I said, you can do this! As your husband starts to see the “new you” emerge, I bet he’ll become very supportive. Come on and join us on this journey.