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Leslee Feaster
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I started Sunday night (technically Monday was my first full day). I’m not taking the drops, and I’m not 100% sticking to the regimen (I’m eating Dannon’s Light & Fit greek yogurt as a snack every day since I can’t stand regular greek yogurt, and I’ve added a sprinkle of cheese to foods here and there). Down 4.5 lbs this morning. I haven’t done traditional exercise yet, but I’ve been doing things like some gardening work this week.

I’m a bit concerned by the speed of the weight loss though, and I’m hoping maybe one of the nutritionists can comment. Almost all other reference sources I’ve seen for healthy and safe weight loss goals recommend a max of 1-2 pounds a week as a safe rate of loss, yet I’m seeing many many people on here report much faster rates. I do see that this plan is more carb restricted than a plan that just counts calories without looking at macronutrient ratios, and I assume that plays a significant role, although my understanding is this is not a ketogenic diet. But what about this plan makes it “safe” to lose weight at such a rapid rate? Not trying to be a pest, just a science nerd who likes to understand the physiologic processes of things. 🙂