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Hi Rebecca – The best way for me to make sure I got the right dosage was to get a 1 ml syringe from the pharmacy and get the specific .5 ml dosage each time. I also use it for the vitamin B – 1 ml dosage. So I don’t even use the dropper. And the reason you shouldn’t eat OR drink anything 15 minutes before and after is so that the drops can get absorbed into your system. Drinking water can dilute the drops. I set the timer and I am right back on my water just as soon as the timer goes off. It hasn’t affected my water consumption adversely. As for the B drops, I take them at lunch with my other drops but I leave 5 minutes in between. So it goes like this…. wait 15 minutes after drinking, take metabolic drops, wait 5 minutes, take B drops, wait 15 minutes and then start with my water and lunch. I haven’t been told that there is a problem combining the drops in this manner and I have been pretty successful with this method. Hope this helps.