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Jessica Romeo
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Yes eating healthy while on a budget definitely presents a challenge at times, but not impossible. Meal planning is by far the most important way to stick to a budget. Here is a link to the article about meal prep and planning that will not only help with saving money, but also with your time.. Some other tips I have are:

Less variety in meals, at first glance this sounds boring, but sometimes eating the same 2-3 breakfast recipes throughout the week A) makes it easier for you to not have to make decisions all the time B) simplifies your grocery list C) ensures you use up the ingredients that you bought and D) ultimately helps you save money while still losing weight! So simplify the meals that should just be on auto pilot like breakfast, lunch and snacks and leave the creativity and excitement for dinner time instead.

Leftovers! the unsung hero in the grocery budget…leftover meat from the night before lends to a perfect leftover salad, just top a ton of lettuce and veggies with the leftover meat and drizzle with oil and vinegar! Easiest and tastiest budget tip.