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Jessica Romeo
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That is great! Congrats on the fact that you are so close to your goal 🙂 I personally know the struggle on this I often get stuck at the same weight for awhile and plateau there for some time, it seems like our bodies get happy with the weight they are at after all that change. I think you made a fantastic decision to meet with a trainer and then go back to phase 1…it kind of confuses your body back into losing. I also understand the struggle with weekends! Doing fun things with the family and eating delicious food is such a nice part of weekends, but I think over time I have realized that I can still do all of that, but just a little differently. Take the family out for a nice hike or bike ride (instead of your normal hardcore solo routine) and continue to make healthy meals besides you will feel better anyways. I think the biggest thing for me is that I need to go to bed and wake around the same time as the week, this helps keep your hormones and stress levels normal, which ultimately leads to staying on plan with food choices. You will do wonderful at your tennis event regardless of where you weight is at 🙂