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Judalon Smyth
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Hi Everyone! My name is Judalon and I began PS1000 last year. I had a successful P1 and lost 20# in the 90 days then lost another 5# in P2 and I stayed in P2 through the holidays and was encouraged that I maintained the loss even with holiday treats. In January I got more drops to do my second round of P1 but I just have not been able to get back in the groove of P1. I’m inconsistent with my drops, been indulging in sweets (mostly chocolate and I don’t even like chocolate!) I’m up about 5# from the weight I logged when starting second round of P1. I know this is doable because I did do it the first time. I’m grateful for those who set up these support groups and for everyone who participates and shares. I really appreciate the recipes and meal plans, and each persons story gives me insight, encouragement and hope. Thank you.