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Judalon Smyth
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@Evelina you sound like a woman who will make her goals and dreams happen, so just stick with it. I think Jessica has a point about keeping the weekend schedule the same as the week days, also I read some research about the positive effects of a consistent sleep and wake time…and make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep. I’m single so I have different challenges in spending weekend time with friends… parties always have food that is tempting and if it’s not a party to get people together then it’s a meal out at a restaurant and that is not doable on P1 for me. My first 90 day round I did not eat out at all and took my own food to friends homes and it was tough. P2 is much easier to have a social life. My biggest mistake in P2… well not the first 30 days (October), but starting with Thanksgiving I gave in and had sugar at a friends buffet and I didn’t gain so then all the holiday parties with all the sweets let me think ‘oh, just a small piece’ and I maintained. I don’t know why, but when I tried to go back to P1 I have not been able to shake the sugar nor can I seem to get consistent with my drops and recording my food on FitnessPal. What happened to my discipline? I blame it all on the sugar and really need to never let it back in, so how do I replace those cravings? I love toffee, cheesecake, ice cream. I volunteer for an animal rescue group and at least once a month we have a pot luck and birthday to celebrate; last month I made a carrot cake with no sugar or substitutes and I used stevia in the cream cheese frosting and it was pretty good, but I can’t make whole cakes to have around since I live alone I’d be eating the whole thing! Anyway, this is my challenge with starting P1 again… I’ve got another 25 pounds to go!