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Jessica Romeo
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The thing that has helped me most in the past with my sugar addiction is completely eradicating it from my house and my diet all together for a 30 day time frame. For me cutting out added sugars from my diet and simply not purchasing foods with added sugar for a 30 day time frame led me to crave it far far less, and to stick to eating very minimal amounts there after. Sometimes you need to take a “break” from the social events that keep leading you astray until you can get a handle on it…An alcoholic should not even enter a bar when he is first trying to defeat his addiction, for sugar addicts I think this is a huge thing…Though impossible to stay out of ALL situations that involve too much sugar, you can try to say stay away from the junk food aisle in the grocery store all together as well as staying out of the ice cream parlor until you are able to moderate yourself better. I find that after about 30 days of a huge diet change, addictions to sugar usually are suppressed so much that people are able to be in situations and not desire the sugary foods around them. A month of taking care of yourself and working on your food intake is not all that much time if you look at it in the grand scheme of life. So try to set aside some time in which you lay low on the social scene, you don’t have to disappear, just don’t overbook yourself with parties and social events when you are working on your food intake and ultimately your health.