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Judalon Smyth
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Tammy, I think keeping it simple is key. Planning ahead; dividing up my salad ingredients into 7 wide-mouth mason jars so all I have to do is grab & go helps… I do 1 of 2 choices for dressing; either put it on the bottom of the jar before layering and then put the least porous food on top like beans or radish so i don’t have a soggy salad, the other choice is I make it up and store in 7 small containers to take with and apply at time of consumption. I’m alone so I don’t have a lot of variation in meals from day to day or I’d have a lot of spoilage. I’ll make a batch of chili and divide up the 6 servings so that’s 6 dinners done for the week. Dr Oz says you have better chance of success the more you can automate your meals. Also, getting the proper amount of water; I divide my weight that I show on the morning scale then I immediately go to the kitchen and I have these great pitchers i got 2 years ago at Costco that hold 72oz and say today I need 75 ounces… I make sure I have a full 72 oz pitcher of water to drink throughout the day and I fill a glass with 3 ounces of water and drink it so I know I’m good once I’m done with the pitcher. You could also do this with water bottles. The other big help for me in my 1st round was using FitnessPal to record my food intake.