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Vanessa Niemi
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Gayle, I strongly suggest that you talk to your pharmacist and doctor. I called my pharmacist and she went through all ingredients in the drops and all the medications on my list. My list was fine and I do take Zoloft.

However my mental health became very unstable on the diet and I was forced to stop by doctor’s orders. My doctor recommended doing the diet at 1400 calories minimum.

For me I have not started the diet up again.

I also friended a person on this diet with mental health issues and she also quit the diet because of issues she was having. I believe she was getting muscle cramps, her hair was falling out and she was getting depressed.

If you choose to stick with the plan as they recommend please be aware of any signs and symptoms that might arise with your mental and physical health.

For me, I have decided that a slower weight loss (or even no weight loss) is preferable to poor mental health.

Good luck to you! I hope you contact your medical professionals just to be safe.