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Jessica Romeo
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Yes eating prior to going to the party is definitely helpful. Another thing is to make sure you eat lighter in the early hours of the day, knowing that you will be eating a larger meal in the evening. I do know what you mean about the new foods looking so delicious. I think before you go to the party you need to make a “plan” in your head. What I mean by this is decide how much you can indulge depending on your earlier meals. Then create some rules for yourself like I am only going to try 3 new things tonight that look absolutely amazing (if they don’t, its not worth your calories). Serve yourself a very small sample of the things you are wanting to try. Another rule is to allow yourself 1 alcoholic beverage and sip it VERY slow throughout the evening, which serves the purpose of making it last longer and keeping you from snacking too frequently. Another trick is to bring some gum or candy and use that to deter you from popping chips into your mouth. Remember you can still have fun while not going crazy! Enjoy conversation with good friends and family and you will be too distracted from the treats. Also position yourself in such away that you are more than a few arms lengths away from the treat/food tables.