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Mia B
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18 Days now. Thanks for the encouragement!
I’m pretty convinced that my menopausal body and metabolism is paying for all the fad diets and starvation diets of my 20’s & 30’s (& even 40’s)
I had blood tests done about 3 months ago, and other than an alarmingly low level of Vitamin D (which I have been taking now) there is nothing else to explain hanging on to these pounds so hard.
I am down 3 pounds now, which is better than zero pounds, but of course I was hoping for faster results.
I absolutely must say though, I FEEL better on this diet than I have on others. Even though the scale isn’t reacting like I thought, I know my ‘front-butt’ is smaller – I can see that, and I really do need to take measurements of all my jiggly areas. (Keep forgetting to get a seamstress measuring tape!)
Still plodding along, and will continue to do so.