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Linda Solana
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Hi Jamie,
Yes you can. Select the type of food (ie: greek yogurt), then you will select customize, add your name (ie: Chobani, Pineapple) then change the nutrient details to correspond with the labeling. The USDA site will automatically plug in Vitamin values, etc. which you can leave or chaange. Ideal for tracking fat and sodium consumption.
I did find that many items had different calorie values than our booklet of approved foods.
Additionally, you can select various reports by nutrition, if you click on the subject icon to expand, it will list the foods and meals that apply as well as offer alternate suggestions.
I found this into my second day and although I thought I was following the diet plan completely, I was actually over.
Now, I work out each meal, copy previous meals that I am repeating, and have found this is ideal to keep you on target with the 1000 calories per day.
The only down side I have run into so far is that if you use olive oil or coconut oil and are not using a full teaspoon or tablespoon, you cannot track half a teaspoon, and therefore your results will show the full teaspoon value under calories.
Hope this helps!