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Linda Solana
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Hi Mia,
I’m a newbie, just starting my second week. I followed what I thought was a 1000 calorie plan for my first two days and found the USDA Food Tracking site on day 3. I’m glad I went and added in day 1 and 2 in the daily meal tracking. To my surprise, I was actually consuming 1200 and 1250 calories. Now I work out my meal plan daily and have been able to stay in the 1000 calorie range + or – 10 to 20 calories, which usually relate to olive oil or coconut oil as I use half a teaspoon and the tracking site I’m using doesn’t adjust for a half teaspoon.
Here is the link for the site, it’s free and there are no pop-up advertising:

Don’t give up, I managed to lose 4 lbs and wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t used the food tracking site, as I would have continued to eat more calories even though I thought I was following the plan.

Good Luck!