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Sue Cobb
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Hi Jan, welcome to the best support group you could ask for!! My name is Sue Cobb and I have been on the plan for 7 weeks, and I just completed my 6th goal on my Journey to being a better me!! I have gone from 157.8 (158) to 140, and I am soooo thrilled. Set yourself some realist “mile markers” for your journey and you will reach your destination too! Don’t get discouraged if you find your path “blocked” or run into “stalled traffic”, find a detour and get back on track 😉
I keep a post it note on my mirrors so I say them out loud everyday to get my morning started off right: “Just Do It!! – If it is to be ITS UP TO ME!!!”. We look forward to hearing about your success in the coming days, so keep focused. YOU CAN DO THIS.