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Sue Cobb
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@Judalon, I am such a SugarHolic, its not funny. I am just glad I love fruit, but it can get boring every now and then. Being on P1 there are some fruit that is not on the approved list, hope it changes for P2. As for getting around the cravings of sweets, I keep several packages of candy in the house. but its setup to trigger a guilt trip to keep strong and test my will power. If it wasn’t here in the house, then I would go to the store and really buy something very bad and consume it without resolve. I LOVE CAKE, and I would buy one of the large individual pcs and eat it in the car then get rid of the evidence. Now when I am in the store I make certain I go on a full stomach so not hungry, and then I bring up the mental picture of me fat and unhappy when I go through the bakery section at the store. Stay Strong Sister, YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t let sugar be the boss of you!!