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Vanessa Niemi
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The Mediterranean diet is recommended as a heart healthy diet by the Mayo Clinic. It allows for whole grains. Calories are not counted and it isn’t gimmicky. It is a way to eat. The focus is on Whole Foods and adding beans and veggies. Protein comes mostly from beans, legumes and seeds. Fish is important. Chicken is okay. Red meat is allowed rarely. Since it doesn’t exclude anything at any time it is easier to stick with.

I think my approach is to do a hybrid approach. I cannot do 1000 calories. I have several doctors for various reasons and every one requires a 1400 calorie minimum. I’m 39, female, weight 230 and need to lose 100lbs. I’m only partially active because of some health issues but it is still critical for me to get more calories.

I am cutting all sugars and cutting way back on carbs, so that is following ps1000.

I personally think that the best lifestyle change is one you can stick with long term. Forever, really. I did 6 weeks of ps1000 strictly and lost 25 pounds. Gained it all back when the doctors pulled me off the diet. For me, it isn’t sustainable but for others it might be.

I’m hoping to make my own plan (with nutritionists and doctors helping) that I can do forever.