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Jessica Romeo
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First off go you!!! You didn’t wait until the perfect Monday morning to start your Phase 1. I would say the biggest tip I have is to make sure that your sleep when you are on night shift gets figured out as this will likely drive your cravings and make Phase 1 harder. So really try to get as good of a sleep schedule down as possible! Secondly I think I need to know more about how long you have to work at nights? You should probably bring in some protein with you as well. Protein will keep you full and provide your body and brain with the alertness you need. So some easy to bring protein sources are Hard boiled eggs, cooked meats, black beans etc. I think the biggest thing is just like for anyone else, plan ahead…plan your meals, prep some of your meals and portion them out into separate containers that make it easy to grab and go. If you need some tips on that I have an article in the Articles tab on Meal planning and prepping 🙂 Keep up the fantastic attitude! You will hit your goal for sure if you can maintain a positive outlook throughout 🙂