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Maureen Badalamente
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Hi all I am new to Pure Slim but just finished making a list of the Phase One Snacks. I love how everyone is sharing their favorites and advice.
Here it is, hope it helps!

PS 1000 Phase One Healthy Snack Options

2oz. oven roasted, organic turkey breast (no nitrates) and 1 cup chopped red bell pepper…..100 calories

2Tbsp. hummus and 6 baby carrots…..100 calories

3 oz. greek style yogurt and 10 chopped strawberries…..100 calories

½ cup cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon…..112 calories

7 Mary’s Gone Crackers and 1 hard boiled egg…..140 calories

10 strawberries and 3 oz organic, oven roasted turkey breast (no nitrates)…..105 calories

3 oz. organic, oven roasted turkey breast(no nitrates)…..70 calories

¼ avocado sliced with sea salt and 1 hard boiled egg…..139 calories

1 oz. wild caught salmon jerky…..90 calories

20 raw almonds…..120 calories

½ can wild salmon or tuna and 5 Mary’s Gone Crackers…..113 calories

1 hard boiled egg sprinkled with sea salt…..70 calories

3 oz. greek style yogurt, add a dash of cinnamon…..65 calories

1 baked apple with cinnamon and 10 almonds…..140 calories

1 pear and ½ cup cottage cheese…..158 calories

1plum, 2 Melba toast and ½ cup edamame beans…..150 calories

20 almonds, ½ cup carrots and 1 cup celery…..163 calories