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maryanne sheehan
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Hi Erin, Good luck with this program. I have taken the drops with me when on the road, also always carry extra food with you in case of those emergencies that happen with life. I have learned that is critical. I take the drops immediately when I get up. I use a kitchen timer so I know when the 15 minutes are up, and use it also during the day so I know when to take my drops. I don’t take them on any set schedule either. If I know I usually eat lunch at 1 I try and take my drops by 12:30. Also just remember not to eat anything two hours prior to bedtime. The Facebook Group is very good, I have been on this three weeks and am seeing modest results but then others are seeing huge weight loss. Don’t get hung up on comparing yourself to others. I wish the administrators offered more help, the book they send isn’t very helpful. You are pretty much on your own as I found out when I tried to get help from their support. I have friends who have done well on this program so I am hanging in there. Be sure to drink your water and like I say carry snack food with you. Best of Luck to you!