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joanne alburger
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Hello Health Warriors! I want to introduce myself: I’m Joanne. I taught public school for 17, so I hide my name behind my husband’s name for privacy.
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I am about 70 lbs over weight and have been for 15 years. It doesn’t show as much to others, but it is unhealthy and I am excited about something to help me get healthier. I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism, so my metabolism has not worked properly for almost 20 yrs. I also look just like my Scottish and Irish ancestors and family members (apple shape – the most unhealthy shape). I am excited for any movement down in weight and I am already grateful for this community and all your posts!! I have been an emotional eater for most of my life (a side effect of child trauma) and I have recently gotten in touch with my hunger sensations (I didn’t eat from hunger). I am excited to keep moving forward and keep healing on so many levels! :-)joanne PS I started on Wed and am now over the detox headache! 🙂