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Day 2

Got off to a rough start; Although I’m taking the drops like I should, I haven’t “made” the time to read the book and see what the program entails. I joined back up with the “Lose It” app because I like there little animated foods and it’s user friendly, I also have been a member of WW for several years and have maybe been on the site to track a total of maybe 30 days- I keep it because I love their recipes. I’ve created the site on FB for daily weigh ins and trying to plan ahead for my foods- I have a freezer full of Lean Cuisines that I know I would rather not eat but they will have to work til I get some actual real food prepped.

I bought an insta pot a few months ago and just <3 it! But again, finding the time to get all the ingredients for the recipes is always a challenge.

I work nights so the plan right now is to get up early and figure out my food-too tired now. I would love work myself towards the Keto way of eating but baby steps as I’m not a meat eatin person- give me carbs or give me death!