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Jessica Romeo
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Hi Angela! Congrats for embarking on this journey and for having a positive outlook! I am a huge meat eater, but even I struggle with getting in my protein. That said have you checked out any of the meal plans? The good thing about those is that they numbers are all figured out for you. Otherwise my advice for you is to just make sure you choose at least one protein source to have with each meal and snack. Those choices could be:

Any Lean meat (chicken, turkey, lean beef….approximately 4-5 oz is one protein serving)
5 egg whites
2 whole eggs
1 scoop of protein powder (100 calories, 20 grams of protein)
1/2 cup of beans

So try to work in one of these with each meal. To avoid being tired of chicken try some shrimp or eggs.

You are going to do great! Don’t over stress on the protein, but note that protein is going to keep your from feeling too hungry later on. Remember take one day and really even one meal at a time and this will feel a lot less daunting 🙂