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Laina Reeves
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Hi, my name is Laina (rhymes with Rain, appropriate since I live in The Pacific Northwet AKA Seattle). This is my second time introducing myself since when I first tried a week or more ago, when I hit Share, it just disappeared, which just annoyed me and I never tried again. Anyway, I’m going to give it another try, so Hi!

I have been doing alright with the plan. The best thing is that it is really do-able, and that my weight is going down! That is a miracle since I struggle with each and every pound I try to lose. I have only lost about 8 pounds in the 25 days I have been on the plan, but I attribute most of the slowness to the fact that I don’t have much weight to lose. I comfort myself by telling myself that it is better to lose slower anyway, but it can be discouraging to hear of the rapid weight losses some of you are experiencing. I would like to lose another 8 pounds but have never been that thin before so not sure if I can. I would be happy with 5 pounds though, since that would put me under 130 pounds. I am 5’4″.

OK, this is me…now, hopefully it will let me post this!!