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Jessica Romeo
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I know what you mean it definitely makes it easier sometimes to have something to take along. I had never had one of those bars before, but I just went ahead and looked them up to review the ingredients. I also reviewed the nutrition facts label to check out calories, fat and sugar content. They look acceptable to me. The ingredients are very pure and simple. Dates are great, they just have a lot of sugar so you need to tread lightly with them. I think the biggest thing is make sure you treat it as a meal replacement as the calories and fat are that of a meal on phase one, so just be sure to log and track it as such. Also I think you should have them in “emergency” type situations in which taking a meal along is impossible and you need something quick like this. You don’t want to rely on these over real food often. Otherwise it is a great meal replacement in a pinch. I am asking for another opinion on this one so this answer is a tentative yes for phase one…I will let you know if we end up thinking it is not quite ok for Phase 1.