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Jessica Romeo
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Sarah, I think the thing about the protein shakes is that we want you to focus on getting your meals in the form of cooked/prepared foods instead of shakes. Protein shakes are a fantastic way to work in protein, veggies and fruit, but sometimes the act of drinking your meal can leave many people unsatisfied and wanting to eat more. The preparing followed by sitting down and chewing your food, registers to your brain that you are eating a nutritious and filling meal, while you don’t really get that with a shake. That said, some days are just rather insane so if you end up having 2 protein shakes to replace your snacks, as long as they fit into your calorie limits and serving amounts then I think you are just fine. The great thing about this plan is that it is teaching you the joy of preparing, cooking and eating whole foods so if you end up replacing all of your meals with shakes, then that doesn’t get to happen I suppose. At any rate enjoy the healthy protein shakes that you are preparing, but try to focus on the meals first primarily. I hope this helps? If not let me know! Have a wonderful day!