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Jessica Romeo
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I think I already answered your question on the Facebook member page? If not, I will just reiterate it here. I think it is best to overdo protein, personally. If you are feeling the need to cheat maybe it’s because you didn’t quite sleep too well or maybe your workouts need to be scaled back? At any rate it’s much harder to overdo eating too much or have too many sweet cravings when you eat more protein. If you do have something that is not so great for you then just make sure you move on at the next meal…don’t dwell on it and don’t wait for the next day or worse the next week to get back on track. Try to be sure you are getting enough protein in the day and you will notice you want to cheat a lot less!

I hope that you happened to see this answer on the Facebook group…also if you need further help please let me know!