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Rachel Fiske
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Hi, Joanne! Yes, I agree that eating more protein is key to help eliminate cravings, and would also add to make sure you’re not way too low on your fat intake, as this can cause us to have uncontrollable cravings. If you are to “cheat,” perhaps try some avocado sprinkled with sea salt alongside your protein source (turkey slices with avocado, for example is extremely satisfying). Or a spoonful of coconut butter (sometimes sold as coconut manna). In the case of a bad sugar addiction, the beginning of any new diet plan and a switch to whole foods is tough, but stick with it and it will get easier, I promise! And as Jessica says, be kind to yourself, and see blips in the road as only that, a one time slip-up that you simply move past. This makes it easier to stick to your diet plan moving forward, without beating yourself up (which never helped anybody!).

Also, check out this awesome chart from a Naturopathic Doctor on what your cravings could mean: