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Brad, yes technically it is difficult to accomplish this task on the platforms we are working with. However we can, and we will, bump up the Karma Coin rewards. You’ve contributed quite a bit since we launched and we want people like you reap the rewards sooner. We’ll likely double, or even triple current reward amounts. Ideally, we don’t want most active contributors to pay for the product at all. Because these customers contribute to the success of the community and the company. Even though the motive for contribution is mostly altruistic. Karma Coins are simply a tool for additional motivation and being able to track the relative value customers bring to the community.

So I want to ask you, think only in terms of your contribution on, as I know you’re active on Facebook as well, what is, in your opinion, a fair reward for the contributions you’ve made so far? I’m talking about forum posts/replies, article comments etc. How many Karma Coins you feel you should have by now, or an equivalent in product, or maybe you’d prefer to put a dollar sign. Your feedback is very valuable as I believe we can arrive at better reward system much faster rather than trying to guess.

Thank you for your time!