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Brad Goudie
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Thank you so much for your consideration of ideas and input from members. I am not seeking reward. I get involved because I truly believe in this program and I want to contribute to the success. The success I truly believe comes from not only the product and program but the support system that comes with it. I get involved and provide encouragement because I want to see others succeed. Also, I just share my feedback and ideas to help see that grow. If people get the encouragement and stay engaged they stand a greater chance of succeeding. I have commented to so many how positive this group. In a time of social media where people feel free to slander and be negative to so many so freely, it is just not found here. Yes people express frustrations at times but that is to be expected in a big life change. But you never find anyone jumping out to beat them down and discourage. These wonderful members lift you up and pull you through those challenges. I am proud to contribute to the success of all. Keep up the good work.