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Gale Rummer
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Hi all! I am Gale,retired wife and mother. I’m the indoor artistic one who loves food, junk food, and ice cream! So, here I am after a year of gaining 30 lbs. as a revolt after 6 months at the gym with a personal trainer. Another fail, but I just decided to enjoy life and eat last year. I didn’t fail at that! It was a wonderful time, but then I realised a half mile walk had me breathless and my feet, knees and ankles hurt a lot all the time! My Dr. at checkup time suggested Weight Watchers. So, I searched for reviews on diets and found PS1000 rated better than any! Ok, time to do this for my health instead of looks this time. I am 16 days in on phase one and down 13 pounds! Amazing! And the support of others makes it so much easier than I ever would have expected. Good to be here.

Gale Marlow Rummer