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Jessica Romeo
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Hello Linda and welcome to the program! You are going to love the results you get when you stick to the eating plan and take the drops as directed. Great questions about the medications/supplements.

As far as the thyroid medication goes, I am not sure which one you are on, but I am assuming it is hypothyroidism? At any rate I would not discontinue the use of any medications prescribed by your Dr. unless you ask him/her specifically. If you are hypothyroid, I think the medication would be of importance while doing this plan as the lower calorie amount could affect you more. I also noticed you are taking a blood pressure medication as well as a potassium supplement? I wonder what BP medication it is because sometimes taking a potassium supp on top of that can cause there to be too much potassium in the blood. Did your Dr. tell you to take the potassium supp? Anyways worth looking into.

As far as the drops go and the interactions between your above medications and supplements I don’t see any problems. That said should you have ANY concern I would definitely talk with your Dr. prior to starting. If anything listen to your body!

I would say if you absolutely need the fiber supplement it is fine, but I recommend first going with A LOT of vegetables and some beans…these are far better choices for fiber intake. Often the fiber supplements don’t even really contain all that much fiber as it is. Let me know if that helps? I would wait it out and see if things going ok digestively before starting that.

Melons are not on the list due to a higher sugar content, that said I have said it before, when faced with the option of melon or cheesecake for dessert and you just have to have something…choose the melon! All will not be lost 🙂

You will do fantastic on the program and we are here to support you along the way!