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Jessica Romeo
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I think its one of those gray area foods personally, is it healthy…yes, but the problem is that it kind of doesn’t help us get out of that “needing to have traditional foods that are generally sweet mindset.” Does that make sense? So in my opinion this plan is in place to help us kind of reprogram our desire for things that normally would derail us, that way when you are done with Phase 1 and 2 you don’t slide back to old habits…for example you will get to a point where you don’t even crave pancakes, or muffins or things like that, instead it becomes a once in a great while indulgence.

Anyways in short no not approved, but if you want a pancake yes make one with the coconut flour, just make the decision consciously and remind yourself that it is a once in awhile food, and move on. It can be hard when it comes to recreating traditional or “comfort” foods.