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Kyle Smith
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Hi..I am Kyle. I just started phase 1 on 05/09/2016. Today is day 3 and it hasn’t been too bad as far as fighting the hunger. 8pm seems to be my witching hour where I start to get really hungry and fight cheating. It has caused me to go to bed earlier which isn’t a bad thing! LOL I 42 years old and started struggling with my weight at 32 when I stopped playing basketball. I am 6’7″ and starting the program at 355lbs. Pretty crazy but I was already down 12lbs when I weighed myself this morning!! I am nervous for the weekend…during the week at work it is pretty easy to stay disciplined. At home on the weekends there is much more temptation. My goal is to get back into the two hundreds (299lbs). It would be great to get back to my college playing weight which was 255lbs!